Windsor gets some flood damage but we're all good now

1 Feb

The Bruce Freeman Oval at Windsor Park came away relatively unscathed. In fact, at a stretch, we could have played there on Saturday.
We are very lucky that our field has fantastic drainage. However, elsewhere on the Park we weren't so lucky.

The changing sheds under the Clubrooms were inundated and left in a mess with silt throughout.

The Umpires' room also experienced a similar fate.

The changing sheds down by the cricket nets, known as D Block, experienced some bad flooding with water getting up to about 45cm throughout.

We store our electronic scoreboard in there during the season as well as quite a lot of gear. Luckily we had a lot of gear stored on bench seating that wasn't affected.

Whilst our scoreboard wheels and bottom frame were totally submerged it has not impacted on the electronics and after a good hose down will be as good as new.

Our gear container also experienced flooding but once again we got lucky in that the water did not get to the level of the bottom shelving. However, gear left on the floor did suffer water damage.

On Saturday afternoon, the container was cleaned out, water mopped up, ruined gear disposed of and floor dried out.

The Clubrooms' changing-rooms have now been swept and dug out and then completely water blasted.

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