Our Strategy

Financial Stability

We will operate from a position of financial strength by seeking out new revenue generating opportunities, maximising trust funding opportunities and creating mutually beneficial supplier arrangements, supported by sound budgeting and forecasting processes

Playing Experience

We will tailor playing experiences that engage our members and enable them to achieve their full potential

Talent Management

We will be acknowledged as a Club that develops, attracts and retains playing, coaching and management talent

Girls’ and Women’s Cricket

We will have a strong female brand backed by equal opportunities that inspires more females to play cricket


We will provide facilities that enable the delivery of comprehensive professional coaching programmes and attracts players and coaches at all levels and abilities


We will have a Club culture that is welcoming for all, competitive, fosters excellence and inspires a passion for the Club amongst our players, supporters and the community


We will have deep relationships with all schools in our area helping them to provide cricketing opportunities and with becoming a cricket school of choice. In turn we will see an enhanced pipeline of players from the schools at Junior, Youth and Senior levels

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