All coaches (volunteers and paid) of players 18 years old and under are responsible for:

1. Completing an online coaching registration (5mins)
2. Completing an online coaching module (60mins).
3. Completing online child protection modules (30mins).
4. Attending practical coaching session (90mins).

What are the outcomes of this process?

1. All coaches will be qualified. Coaching module only valid if completed within the last 3 years.
2. All coaches will be educated in how to deal with child abuse (suspected or actual).
3. All coaches will be Police vetted.

Who should be vetted?

  • An individual with regular, at least once a week, on at least 4 days each month or overnight contact with a child or children. It doesn’t matter if the contact is with same or different children each week.
  • Coaches of u/18 teams.
  • Senior teams that have youth players.

Police vetting Parametres

  • A coach is free to coach while police vet is being processed.
  • Coaches to be vetted by NZC even if they have been vetted by another organization or employer.
  • Vetting process to be repeated every 3 years.
  • The NZ Police screen vets against a variety of offences.
  • Results are sent through to NZC with either a ‘clear’ or ‘needs further review’ status.
  • NZC review areas of concern against a set criteria.
  • Where appropriate NZC initiate notification process to the coach.
  • Coach has the right to appeal

The Police vetting process is not an attempt to identify or disqualify individuals with minor or irrelevant criminal records, either current or historic. This initiative is based on creating safer and more secure cricketing environments for both children & vulnerable adults

To view the ‘Welfare of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy’ in its entirety please click here.

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