Health and Safety

The Club takes Health and Safety very seriously.

We have TWO forms for all teams; venue report and incident report. Venue report is to be filled out if you see any issue with the grounds before play. Before each game there should be a ground check completed anyway so this just makes it easier to file a report if anything is wrong. Please let ACA know if a ground is unsafe and ACA will follow up with Council asap to get this actioned. Please also file an incident report if any person has been injured during/before/after a game or training.


Auckland is currently in COVID-19 Response Level 2 at the moment with a review due this Friday after which Cabinet will review whether it can move to Level 1 at the start of the weekend.

While in Level 2 cricket activity is permitted, including the playing of games and training. 

Cricket Under the Levels

The following is a guideline on what cricket will look like under Alert Level 2

Level 2

Under Level 2 (L2) all cricket activity can occur if Ministry of Health and NZ Cricket COVID-19 guidelines are followed, including restrictions on mass gatherings (100), contact tracing and hygiene protocols. 

Resources and Information

Can be found via ACA’s dedicated website page – they will keep this updated as applicable - Auckland Cricket C19 Website -

What we are doing

Before Clubs can host cricket under L2, we must complete the following documentation for Auckland Cricket (ACA) and have the processes as outlined in them set up.

  • Return to Play Plan including site maps if we plan to host separate gatherings at the same time;
  • Training Plan;
  • Club and Changing Room Plan;
  • Contact Tracing Plan;
  • Level 2 Approval Plan.

We will reinvogorate our plans from the last time we were in Alert Level 2 and amend where necessary.

We will plan as though we will still be at Level 2 this weekend.

Ongoing Communication

 As the situation is very fluid at the moment the above is subject to change and we will continue to communicate with you to ensure you have the latest information.


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