Mitre 10 Mega Albany Major Sponsors

We are extremely lucky to have Mitre 10 Mega Albany as our Major Sponsor. More than ever sports clubs are reliant on the generous support of sponsors like Mitre 10 Mega Albany. As part of our partnership the Men’s Premier and Premier Reserve sides are known as Mitre 10 Mega Albany East Coast Bays. 


Kiwis are so passionate about our sports that large companies want to connect with us through our love of our major teams in any way possible, as a pure marketing decision.  On the other hand, local sports clubs get most of its sponsorships from businesses that think of it as a donation.  Here are 5 reasons why businesses should sponsor a local sports club as a mutually beneficial partnership beyond a “donation”:

  1. Increase awareness of your company. Your brand will be in front of parents, coaches, organisers, players and supporters. This is a positive way to engage your target market – everyone involved with a club likes to support sponsors.
  2. Makes sport affordable for families. Financial supporters help keep fees low so more families are able to afford to join and that means more children being able to receive the undoubted benefits of sports.
  3. Builds goodwill. Companies that financially support clubs make a positive contribution to the local community. The community engages and starts to understand your company’s values.
  4. Possible tax incentive. As an added bonus, your business should be able to claim your sponsorship.

It is through their generous support of East Coast Bays Cricket that we are able to provide so much of what makes this a great club. Remember - these sponsors are supporting your club - please support them! 

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