Covid Alert Level 3 Step 2

8 Nov


With the move to Covid Level 3 Step 2 conditions a limited form of team and squad trainings will now be possible. The first trainings will commence on Wednesday 10 November (subject to Auckland entering Level 3 step 2 at 11.59pm on Tuesday 9 November).

As the Clubrooms must remain closed all trainings will take place outdoors in the nets and on the outfield. It is important that members understand that the trainings will be severely limited due to limited net capacity and social distancing requirements.

It is also important to note that playing equipment (including cricket balls) cannot be shared due to the continuing safety requirements under Covid Level 3 Step 2 conditions. For this reason, some training activities that would normally take place (eg: team fielding practices) will not be possible or will need to be designed in such a way as to ensure cricket balls (or other equipment) are not shared.

We recognise that different members will have different levels of comfort with risk around Covid transmission. Bearing this in mind please note

  • Trainings at this time are entirely optional and no member should feel obliged to attend training at this time.
  • For those who do wish to train it will be important to follow the guidelines to minimise any risk to the wider group.
  • For those who do wish to train please respect that people will have a range of attitudes to the current situation and it is important everyone treats fellow members with respect.

Members should note the following specific training guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. A team roster will be compiled which allocates teams a time and a venue for training. This roster may be amended over the weeks ahead as we assess player demand. This roster has been put together in consultation with the Grade Convenors who will advise the coaches of their allotted times. The coaches will in turn advise the team members.
  2. Each team or squad effectively forms their own ‘training bubble’ (maximum size 25) and the players within each training bubble should only interact and train amongst themselves and avoid mixing with any other training bubbles. All 4 nets will count to the 25. That number will also include the coaches. In view of the number limit we ask that parents do not congregate by the nets to watch training. If they do they will have to be included in the 25 count and this may mean some children will miss out.
  3. For contact tracing purposes the Captain or Coach of each team shall act as the training bubble organiser and record and keep a list of players in the bubble at that training. There will also be a QR code on and at the nets and players are required to scan in before beginning training.
  4. The Clubrooms will not be open but the toilets next to the nets in D Block will be open. If players need to get changed they can change in there but normal social distancing guidelines must be followed.

Covid Safety Guidelines

  1. No mixing between training bubbles.
  2. No sharing playing equipment (including batting, wicketkeeping or drink bottles)
  3. Each bowler must use their own ball and batters and other players should avoid touching other bowler’s cricket balls.
  4. Fielding training is only possible where it can be done without sharing cricket balls. (eg: 1-1 catching where hitter either hits ball directly with bat or catches with batting gloves on and then hits to fielder; wicket keeper rolling out ground fielding to single fielder)
  5. Social distancing (2 metres) should be maintained at all times within training bubbles.
  6. Masks should be worn when not training but are not required while training.
  7. Hands should be sanitized before and after trainings. We will have sanitisation stations set up.
  8. Members should not linger before or after trainings.
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