Covid Alert Level 3 Step 1 Rules Update

11 Oct

We have been advised by Auckland Cricket on the latest Guidelines for Covid Alert Level 3 Step 1.

They are as follows:

Auckland Cricket Guidance for Level 3 Stage One:

  • Public outdoor nets and artificial pitches are open but only for activities that meets the government protocols (no competition play).
  • Do not share equipment, and no gatherings of over 10 people.
  • You can partake in a live net situation if you are with people from your bubble or household whilst maintaining a 2 metre distance from those not in your bubble/household.
  • You can partake in an organised fitness session (i.e., yoga, running, bootcamp – not cricket activity) of up to 10 people (including the trainer) from different households as long as you keep 2 metres and do not share equipment.
  • The only time that you can partake in a net situation (i.e., throwdowns or batting training) with people from outside your household is when it is in a one-on-one capacity with a professional coach and the batter hits the ball back to the coach with their bat (and maintains a 2 metre distance and does not share any equipment).  
  • Bowlers can bowl in a net situation with others from outside their household but must maintain a 2 metres distance from anyone else, not share a ball (or any other equipment) and there must not be a batter (unless they are from the same bubble as the bowler).
  • A coach can run a cricket session with more than one player as long as all players are from the same household, the coach does not share any equipment with the players and keeps a 2 metre distance at all times.
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