Covid-19 Update #2

17 Feb

Set out below is an update on planning underway for a return to cricket at Level 2

Some of the biggest changes will be to our Year 1-4 cricket. Year 1-2 Cricket will now be held on a Saturday morning starting at 8am and finishing at 10.30am at the very latest. As noted below all people associated with the games need to be off-site by 10.45am. 

Year 3-4 Cricket will remain on a Friday night starting and finishing at the normal times. Windsor Park will be split into 6 zones. 4 will be on the bottom field and 2 on the top field. 

Once we have clarification on a move on Alert Levels we will send out detailed maps showing the zones and parking points, access points into the zones, toilets and fixed QR code sites. 

Please read the below detail regarding all grades. Not all of it, though, will be relevant to your grade. 

Our key driver is to get everyone back playing cricket as soon as the Alert Levels allow us. We will do this in a way that provides our members a safe environment. 

Please make contact with the Club on email or by phone 0275 825 693 should you have any queries. 


To provide a safe environment whilst maximising playing opportunities.   

Key Fundamentals

  • Hygiene – hand sanitizing stations will be set up however all teams and members are encouraged to carry their own.
  • Contact Tracing – contact tracing stations will set up and mobile QR codes when required. There will be separate QR codes for the top field and the bottom field
  • Stay Home if Feeling Unwell – we encourage any member to stay at home if showing any symptoms.
  • Gatherings:
  • We want to limit people at one venue and there can be no more than 100 people per defined space (Zone).
  • A venue can have multiple defined spaces (Zones), however, you must maintain a consistent 2m distancing between groups and not intermingle or share common facilities at the same time.
  • Windsor Park will be split into 6 zones. 4 will be on the bottom field and 2 on the top field.

 Year 1-4 cricket and Twilight cricket

  • We will:
  • Have a site-map clearly outlining the defined zones, separate entry/exit points, separate toilets, or the ability to maintain social distancing whilst using the toilet/s.
  • Signage will be set up on the ground and sent out before your games directing you where to go.
  • We will have Club volunteers at different entry/exit points to help manage the situation.
  • If playing on a Saturday (Year 1-2), playing time must be between 8am and 10.30am with all people associated with the games off-site by 10.45am.

 ACA Competitions

  • To meet our main objective and deliver all competitions within a safe environment, ACA intends to:
  • Limit games per venue – if this is not possible, defined spaces will be actioned as per the above processes and communicated on a case-by-case basis.
  • This will not be a major issue with grounds on the North Shore as most have less than 4 pitches and Windsor Park having 1 pitch.
  • Encourage teams and Clubs to minimise non-active participants at the venue where possible – this includes supporters and parents.
  • If there is more than one game at a venue, players/supporters from other games must keep a 2m distance at all times.
  • To minimise people on the ground and interaction between defined spaces there will be two distinct time-slots with no overlap, AM, and PM.
  • AM – Junior morning T20 Grades - 8am to 10.30am – all people associated with these games must be off-site by 10.45am.
  • PM – All afternoon grades cannot start until 12pm (or later) – and all people associated with these grades must not arrive on-site before 10.50am.
  • Effectively this means that Premier Men, Reserve Men, and Premier Women will start at 12pm – all other grades will remain the same.
  • For Premier/Reserve Men this would mean a minimum of 93 overs per day with the following session times:
  • Session 1 – 12pm to 2.10pm
  • Lunch – 2.10pm to 2.40pm
  • Session 2 – 2.40pm to 4.40pm
  • Tea – 4.40pm to 5pm
  • Session 3 – 5pm to 7pm
  • Home team to complete all duties as per normal – covers and sightscreens from 10.50am.
  • Session times will remain the same for the entire match – unless affected by weather.
  • These will be blanket changes regardless of where the game is being played.
  • There may be exceptions to the above based on venue. These will be worked through on a case-by-case basis and communicated as soon as possible.


The ACA intend to confirm changes based on updates from the government and as soon as possible. If they receive confirmation from the Government on 17th February that we are moving into L2 by Friday 19th February – all changes will be confirmed and communicated by Thursday evening 18th February through the draws. 

We will update you as soon as we are advised. 


The bar at Windsor Park will not be open on the Friday night but toilets will be available. No services other than toilets will be available on the Saturday morning. The bar will be open on a Saturday afternoon and will meet all guidelines to running such operations under L2. These will be communicated to those members requiring a service at that time. The requirement to provide ACA umpires and players with a lunch option will be removed. 

On-field Playing Conditions

All L2 on-field playing conditions must be adhered to including;

  • No saliva on the ball.
  • Umpires or opposing team not to hold personal belongings i.e. when bowling.
  • Only players within the specific game to touch the ball. Please note for Year 1-4 cricket.
  • Try to keep 1m distance from opposing players/umpires in the same game and 2m distance from players/supporters/umpires in other games within the same venue.


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