22 Aug

Wayne Goldsmith has been at the forefront of sports innovation, education and development for over 25 years. His unique "whole of sport" background - having worked across every level and aspect of sport around the world.He's helped local junior sporting clubs to improve their coaching programs and been in the locker room and in the coaching box with the Sydney Roosters on NRL Grand Final Day. He's sat on the side-lines and talked with volunteer coaches and sporting parents at junior sporting events and walked in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. Wayne has a knowledge and understanding of sport that's rare: he has direct, first-hand experience helping sport - at every level. 

He is presenting a series of events across NZ throughout September 2018.

The public events are focused on his two favourite topic areas: Coaches and Sporting Parents.

 There is no doubt that sport is changing rapidly. In most sports - and in every country he has visited in the past few years, he is seeing some significant challenges to sports industry itself. 

There's a lot of evidence that the number of kids and families connecting with sport - particularly competitive sport - is declining all over the world.

In response, sporting organisations have initiated marketing campaigns, developed "modified" versions of their sport and spent a lot of time, money and resources trying to get and encourage more kids and families to come and try their sport. And in most cases - these efforts have not made much of a difference.

The reason the marketing campaigns and "modified" sports haven't worked is - it's not your sport that's the problem: it's the way your sport is being delivered.

The best way to make sport better is to impact on the people who are actually delivering the "experience" of our sport day to day in clubs and programs across New Zealand: Coaches, Officials and Parents.

His 2018 New Zealand National Tour is called THE SPORT EXPERIENCE: MAKING SPORT BETTER and it's specifically focused on helping coaches, officials and parents improve the way they deliver the experience of sport to children and families.



Coaching is the art of inspiring change.
It’s about connecting with hearts and minds of athletes and inspiring them to see more, to be more and to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.
Coaching is so much more than laps, practice sessions, gym workouts and skills development.
It’s about helping people to find their passion and to realise their potential.
Come and be part of our Coaching session – “The Art and the Heart” – and learn what it takes to be an exceptional coach. You will discover what it is that great coaches do that makes them so remarkable and you’ll find out what you can do as a coach that can make the difference in the lives of every athlete you coach.

He is also presenting a special session for SPORTING PARENTS - THE TEN CRITICAL MOMENTS.

We all love our kids. And we want them to grow up happy, healthy and with a real love of life.
We also wish and hope they’ll find a sport they love doing and do it well.
How do you help your child succeed in sport? What can you do to help your child realise their sporting potential? What are the ten critical moments you’ll face as a sporting parent when you need to be exceptional at parenting your child? Join us for 90 minutes talking about fun, fitness and families and discover just what it takes to be an outstanding Sporting Parent.

Bookings and more information at https://wgcoaching.com/events/


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