Covid Alert Level 3 Step 1 Rules

7 Oct

Following the Government's announcement on the 4th of October we continue to be guided by Auckland Cricket and Sport NZ as to what is allowed.

The advice given to us by Auckland Cricket after consultation with Sport NZ is as follows:

  • No equipment can be shared between households (this includes cricket balls), therefore, the only cricketing activity permitted (i.e. nets) is within your own bubble/household or if you can keep a 2 metre distance and not share equipment.
  • All other physical activity must not share equipment, therefore, any group activity must be group exercise i.e., boot camps etc.. not cricket trainings.
  • And must be outdoor.

What does that mean?
You can now use the cricket nets but only with your bubble/household. So siblings can have a net together. Mum can give her son throwdowns. However, you can't do these activities with your teammates, friends, neighbours or anyone who might happen to turn up.

If a bowler is just bowling in the nets with no batter and being coached (by someone outside of the household) as long as they stay 2m apart then that is allowed. The coach cannot touch the ball and must wear a face mask.

You can bowl in the nets (so long as there is no batter) with someone from outside your bubble/household so long as you maintain 2m distancing and do not share equipment. Thus no sharing of balls eg no picking up of balls and passing to the other person. This might be hard to maintain so probably best not to do this.

You can do fitness training (no shared equipment) sessions with up to 10 people. 2m distancing must apply. This is purely fitness work. No shared equipment is allowed so you can't do fielding drills.

The interpretation of the rules continues to evolve so we will update you if any of the advice changes.

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